Monday, July 1, 2013

Part 123 - God with a Small g

I can envision great halls of learning where the masses of humanity will assemble to hear the greatest lecturers and teachers the Universe has ever produced.  Our minds and intellect will be greatly enlarged, such that we’ll retain in memory all that we hear and learn.  All will be invited to sit at the feet of the masters and absorb the flow of knowledge that will emanate from them. 

This will include the obscure slave laborers who toiled to cut stone blocks for the Egyptian pyramids; the Vikings who were slaughtered on the shores of England as they sought to conquer the wily English; the multitude of Chinese laborers who perished building the Great Wall of China; the untold numbers of African slaves who died aboard slaves ships, bound for the New World and were cast overboard into the shark-infested waters of the Atlantic Ocean; and the brave soldiers who sacrificed their lives in the Charge of the Light Brigade.  All will be invited to drink at the fountain of eternal knowledge.

The list of subject matter to investigate and study will be endless; consider just the sampling of known earth topics below, then try to imagine what we’ll learn when we’re exposed to celestial topics; subjects we can’t even comprehend at the moment, for we have no foundational knowledge upon which to build.  In our current mortal state, trying to understand celestial laws and protocols would be like trying to explain to a goldfish, which has spent its whole life in a watery environment, what winter and summer is like.  The following is just a sampling of the fascinating subjects we will have all eternity to learn about.

Music composition and choral conducting; applied linguistics – along with etymology; syntax, semantics, and public speaking; chemical and nuclear engineering; critical pedagogy; condensed matter physics; distributed algorithms; cybernetics, star formation, and stellar evolution; black holes; gravitational astronomy; biochemistry; comparative anatomy; cell biology; molecular genetics; inorganic chemistry; atomic, molecular, and optical physics, etc.
All will be invited to learn; none will be denied the opportunity.  This is the eternal view of humankind.

What would you call a person, what title would you give an individual who has spent millennia mastering the laws of gravity, relativity, and everything related to nuclear physics; who has a complete and thorough understanding of star formation and stellar evolution; who understands how to communicate with intelligences – both seen with the naked eye and those that can only be viewed with an electron microscope; who comprehends and understands all knowledge, all laws as related to the universe; who is full of charity, compassion, and love; who is benevolent, kind beyond all mortal understanding and seeks only the well-being of his/her associates?  What do you call such a person; what title does such a person acquire upon graduation from the last conceivable class at Universe University?

How about the Most Reverend Augmented Reality Architect or the Most Holy Avatar Relationship Manager or the Supreme Chief Experience Officer or Global Sourcing Manager or Global Systems Manager?  (Bromstein)

Would the title of god, with a small letter “g” be appropriate?

Eternity is forever, and learning never ceases.

To Brave Heart, Track Meat, Feather, Lt. Dan, Band Leader, Runs with Elk, Brownie, Laptop, Trout, Ranch and Biers, Puddle Jumper, Dinner Time, OTC, Happy Feet, Thirsty Boots, Dingo and Mudd, Lotus and Hermes, and Hiker Box, I’ll see you in class.  I’ll be coming in late, but save me a seat.

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