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Gear Purchases - The Never Ending Quest for Perfection

For all the time and effort I spent trying to select just the right gear for my PCT hike in 2013, a number of significant items will be replaced for the AT journey in 2015. It's not that the gear items were in appropriate for the PCT, it's just that I've found better, and lighter items to do the same job. Gear selection will always be a work-in-progress. As time passes, and equipment becomes more refined; as long as I choose to hike, I will always something new and better to replace what's in my pack, if not the pack itself. I get as much joy out of planning and prepping for a trip, as I do making the actual journey.

As I prepare for my journeys, I will post my gear selections here; likewise, following the hike, I will post my review of the equipment. At the bottom of the page is a spreadsheet of my current equipment along with equipment weights and cost of purchase.


  1. Eventually, in addition to apparatus gets to be far more polished; given that When i want to rise, I most certainly will generally anything completely new in addition to advisable swap what is considered around my wrap up, in any other case this wrap up per se. When i receive as often happiness outside of setting up in addition to prepping for just a excursion, as i complete doing the exact vacation.

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