Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Part 54 - And Yes, There was Ice Cream

 I was so grateful, so very, very grateful; it was humbling to be treated with such kindness.  I found an empty camp chair and settled in to enjoy my spaghetti bowl.  I just happen to be sitting next to the camp host, a fellow named Meadow Ed.  He invited me to partake of everything that was on the table – salad, fruit, drinks, cake, sandwiches, nuts, candy, etc.  He didn’t have to say more; I was like a little dust bowl tornado as I quickly moved around both sides of the tables, picking up everything that caught my eye.  It was far better than an all-you-can-eat buffet. 

 Back at my camp chair, I balanced the booty in my hands, placing some of it on the table benches in front of me and some on the floor.  I was sitting next to the drink coolers, and over the course of the evening, I dipped into them no less than five times to pull out an ice cold soda pop or Gatorade.
It was now dark and gas lanterns were lit and hung from poles that held up the blue tarps.  The light of the lanterns cast a soft glow on the faces of the chatting hikers that illuminated their tired and weary features as they conversed with one another.  I could tell they were as happy to be here as I was.  In addition to the camp host, Meadow Ed, Yogi and Jackalope were also present.

I presumed they were co-hosting the trail magic with Meadow Ed.  I didn’t learn a lot about Meadow Ed, other than he had hiked the trail sometime in the past and has been hosting this trail magic for many years, first at Kennedy Meadows and now at the Walker Pass Campground.

 Before leaving the outdoor buffet table and heading for my campsite, I made myself three whopping big sandwiches piled high with meat, cheese, lettuce and pickles, filled Ziploc baggies full of cookies and candy, stuffed a couple of apples in my pockets, and grabbed two sodas.  After I took my goodies and backpack to my campsite, I returned to the tables to refill my water bottles and, as a last gesture, placed my twenty-dollar donation in the donation can.  I hope the hiker donations Meadow Ed receives is sufficient to replenish his supplies for the next group of hikers that will be coming in tomorrow. 

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